Sunday, April 25, 2010

District 10 movie - District 9 Sequel

Neill Blomkamp's science-fiction movie District 9 was a real surprise in 2009. It was a hell of a movie, a perfect combination of action and plot with an interesting pinch of humor. For a low-cost production budget of $30 million the film managed to gross $204 million. So it's no wonder that there are now talks of a movie sequel to District 9.

Nothing official yet, but according to the rumor District 10, the sequel to District 9, is now in pre-production. Filming should start Fall 2010. Producer Peter Jackson is onboard again and Neill Blomkamp will direct District 10. And I guess Sharlto Copley whose character has been transformed into an alien in the first film will show up too.

We don't know the plot of District 10 yet. Actually even the title of the District 9 sequel isn't set in stone: we suppose it's gonna be District 10, because that's the new camp where the aliens have been resettled in at the end of the first film.

Do you have any idea what's going to happen in the movie District 10? Share your thoughts with us!